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Each year, over 150,000 bikes are stolen and 26,000 cyclists are involved in accidents - shouldn't you be insured? More disposable income is being spent on leisure activities year on year but unfortunately leisure equipment and accessories are seen as rich pickings by would-be thieves. Many household insurance policies don't fully cover leisure items, or even if they do the cover can be expensive. Both of our cycle insurance providers offer a value for money product and should be able to beat all high street quotes. Give them a try, they might be able to save you a considerable sum on your bicycle insurance premiums.

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Fed up with looking for cycle insurance and not being able to get an instant, online quote? Fed up with having to fill in endless forms or look at confusing tables? Take a look at Cycleguard - they offer instant, online quotes for cycle insurance - just tell them the value of your bicycle and your postcode and they'll show you the premium there and then - simple!

If you like the look of it, you can then add in optional extras like 'in vehicle cover' or liability cover - your bicycle insurance quote updates instantly so you can see exactly how much extra it is.

Even if you only use your cycle at the weekends, it's worth getting a cycle insurance quote from a specialist. Many home contents policies will not cover items like cycles if they are over a certain value or they are taken away from the home. If you take your cycles out at weekends, they may also not be covered if you transport them on a car rack - so check with your home insurer. Cycleguard insurance offer an in vehicle option which also covers your cycles whilst 'on' a vehicle rack (as long as you apply the necessary security requirements).

Do you race or compete with your bike?
Cycleguard are one of the few companies that offer a racing option for cyclists that participate in competitive bicycle sports (their Active option). They are also one of the few bicycle insurance companies that offer a worldwide cover option, so if you do take your bicycle abroad, they have an insurance option that works for you. Of course you can choose UK only or EU cover if you don't plan of going that far abroad!

It's also worth being aware of the need to have liability cover, so that in the event that you cause an accident or damage to another road user, you would be protected against those expensive third party claims. Cycleguard's Roadcare policy is ideal for cyclists that only require public liability cover and no bicycle or accessory insurance.

There are over 150,000 bicycles are stolen every year - that's nearly 1 in 20! So it's well worth getting a quote on Cycleguard's great value cycle insurance now!

How much does it cost?
Cover starts from just £20 for a full 12 months cover. You can choose to pay monthly or a single amount by debit or credit card - it's up to you. If you take out a policy online, it's at least £10 cheaper than buying Cycleguard bicycle insurance through their call centre.

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