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Buildings Insurance - Definitions

We are using a particular policy from one insurer and you will probably find that the wording and order that your policy comes in will be a little different. But you should be able to translate this information across to your cover.

These are usually explained quite well although I will comment on who 'you' are. That is, who is covered and who is not. This means any member of your family who lives at the address shown in your policy. It includes unmarried partners provided there is clear evidence of a permanent relationship.

There will be a definition about what your building is made of. If yours does not match this, tell your insurer immediately. An example would be if you live in a little country cottage with a thatched roof. Failure to tell your insurers constitutes a 'non disclosure of material fact' and could mean that they would refuse to pay a claim.

Your buildings definition also includes all the outside bits and pieces within your property, such as garages walls, footpaths and so on.(How many of us enjoy swimming pools and tennis courts!!) Don't get this definition confused with the perils you are covered for. That is a common mistake. A definition does not say what you are covered for. It is just a description of your home. The definition also includes any garages on a different site.

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"Clothes were left to air in front of the fire.
Some bright spark set my cardigan alight."
Extracts taken from actual claim forms submitted to
a number of UK car insurance companies