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Contents Insurance - Personal Effects

This is where your policy covers all those personal items you take out and about with you. Your policy will give you a definition of what it covers but essentially, anything you could normally wear or carry when you are outside of your home.

There are exclusions of course. The exclusions will be similar to those that apply to the 'accidental damage' part of your contents insurance.

You will find that if you have cover for your personal possessions away from home this duplicates the 'baggage' cover provided by travel insurers. A claim on your travel insurance policy will result in them asking about your household contents cover and seeking 'contribution' from your household insurers.

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Your household policy will usually give you a better settlement, especially if it is on a 'new for old' basis. In fact you end up paying two premiums for the same cover. The trouble is that nowadays when so much insurance is purchased online there simply isn't the flexibility to pick and choose which part of the policy you want and which you don't. My advice is to shop around, you might still find it cheaper to buy your insurances online and to duplicate part of the cover than to go to a high street broker and buy the exact policies that you want.


"It is my practice every year to turn off the water at the beginning of the frost season and not to use the lavatory again until the spring."
Extracts taken from actual claim forms submitted to
a number of UK car insurance companies