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Contents Insurance - Definitions

It is best if you have both contents and building with the same insurer - it reduces conflict! Some insurers will have different views as to what is a content and what is a building! But shop around to get the best deal. It is unlikely you will achieve this with your mortgage provider.

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A contents policy will have identical definitions to your buildings for most of the terms listed. Remember these are just definitions. Do not assume that just because your contents policy defines that the word 'dwelling' means something built of brick or stone with tiles or slates on the roof that your contents policy covers these things.


"You will remember that I submitted a claim for the loss of my wrist-watch.

I have to tell you that my eldest child, aged six, found
the missing watch on Saturday morning at the bottom of the toy box.

My youngest daughter, aged one and a half, is the principal suspect, but
despite extensive questioning, she has decided to say nothing."

Extracts taken from actual claim forms submitted to
a number of UK car insurance companies