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Not so long ago, when all insurance was done via a broker, there was a clear line between employers liability insurance and public liability insurance. Public liability insurance was insuring you and / or your staff against any claim made by the general public, whereas employers liability insurance covered you or your company against claims made by members of your staff. The advent on online insurance has allowed the insurance companies to build more complex products that offer both of the above types of cover together with other benefits. These products are variously called business insurance or tradesman's insurance or liability insurance. The public liability insurance page has business insurance from all of the leading online insurers. Basically the insurers will now build a product containing whichever elements you require.

If you employ staff, however small the company, it is a legal requirement to take out employers liability insurance, so that you and they are protected if they need to claim as a result of some act or omission of yours.

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We are delighted to be working with 2 of the UK's leading employers liability insurers. is one of the leading providers of online business insurance. Since starting at the end of 2002, the company has issued over 30,000 online policies. Answering just 6 straight-forward questions will get you an online quote for either public or employers and public liability. Policies can be bought online and all certificates, policy documents are delivered electronically for you to print immediately. Should your trade or profession not be covered by the online quote system has access to Lloyds brokers that enables almost all risks to be covered. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Direct Choice have been specialists since 1974 and were one of the first direct response insurance providers in the country. Their Tradesman Insurance has the following features :

  • A discount for buying online
  • Public liability can be covered from £1 million up to £5 million, and is often required for local council contracts
  • Employer's liability of £10 million – a legal requirement if you employ staff
  • Covers you and your employees against accidental damage to property
  • All company types covered, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies
  • Varied professions from builders, cleaners and hairdressers to piano tuners, tilers and upholsterers


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Click here to obtain a liability insurance quote
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