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Liability Insurance For Accountants

Thank goodness for our accountants when the books need tallying up and the Tax Man awaits our returns. Our accountants like the jobs we all hate and so with this in mind it is the good old profession of accountancy that saves the day every time.

Dating back over seven thousand years, the profession of accountancy originated in the Middle East with crude methods to keep a tally of crops and livestock. Today, accounting procedures are somewhat more sophisticated and complex, so confirming our requirement of a reliable, responsible accounts manager.

What is accountancy? In a nutshell, an accountancy firm is made up of a team of one to several accountants who are responsible for the communication of financial data to a variety of users (company directors, shareholders, financial organizational bodies and authorities). Such communication of business data is delivered via a set of records that include the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss accounts.

It is claimed that Accountancy is a mathematical science of sorts and provides a service that is necessary to achieve successful business practices. What is essential of an Accountancy firm is the reliability of the financial statements and records produced. By accurately recording, summarizing and classifying company financial information, the Accountant plays a key role in the progress of business activities and dealings.

In the event that such financial record keeping is inaccurate, there are often severe consequences. Instead of moving forward and developing business activities, a company could end up doing the opposite and going bankrupt as a consequence. A company could go under as a result of inaccurate accounting. If the figures produced from financial data have been inflated (caused by an oversight on the part of the Accountant) disastrous misinformed judgements can occur and key opportunities can be missed whilst ‘cleaning up the mess’.

For reasons that have just been observed (and more besides), it is important that Professional Liability Insurance protection is in place. In the event of an accounting mistake causing serious repercussions for a client’s business activities, there should be cover in place. In an effort to avoid the potentially damaging financial toll on any Accountancy practice in the event of negligence being accused and subsequent court action, insurance is the way forward.

One thing is for sure, we need our accountants, whether to complete our periodic management accounts or to manage our bookkeeping requirements. When all is said and done, they do the jobs many of us don’t want to.