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Long stay travel insurance comes in a variety of flavours ranging from the young backpacker or gap year student looking for adventure and the opportunity to see the world before settling down to 40 years of daily grind right through to the 75 year old grans and grandads who want to spend the winter visiting their grandchildren in Australia. We provide below details of various long stay travel insurance policies available for all ages from 18 to 89. Policies designed for the younger people include cover for a wide range of sports together with winter sports cover. Sadly if you're an 80 year old great grandmother with a penchant for white water rafting then I'm afraid that we'll have to negotiate a special rate on that policy. Without more ado, we list below the three main long-stay travel insurance policies that are available from our insurers.

Gap Year / Backpacker Insurance
These policies are available to young people aged up to 45. Designed for youngsters travelling around Europe or the World, the policies offer cover for over 60 sporting and hazardous activities together with winter sports cover. Policies are available for periods between 1 and 18 months, and they are an ideal policy for young travellers enjoying a gap year, voluntary service overseas, work experience abroad or just an extended holiday.Click the following link to get further details of gap year & backpacker insurance.

Long Stay Travel Insurance 
Available for people aged up to 75, these policies have been designed to cater for longer trips of up to 18 months duration in Europe, Australia & New Zealand or worldwide. A wide range of sports activities are covered by these policies and a winter sports extension can be purchased. Click the following link for details of long stay travel insurance.

Senior Long Stay Travel Insurance 
Ideal for mature and retired people aged between 66 and 75, this particular offering is a special senior citizen travel policy for longer duration trips in Europe, Australia & New Zealand or Worldwide.


People aged up to 75 years can obtain 18 months cover whilst those aged between 76 and 85 can obtain annual cover with single trips up to 100 days.

 Click the following link to obtain further details of long stay travel insurance for the over 65's