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What an amazing place this modern world has become. We're living longer, many killer diseases have been wiped out with modern medicines and most amazingly of all, accidents no longer happen !. Yes, according to the huge numbers of "no win-no fee" lawyers advertising daily on our TV screens, there's no such thing as an accident any more. Somebody is to blame and they need to be sued !.
Direct Line's television advertising tells us that you won't find them on any price comparison website. There's a very simple reason for this..their product is not competitively priced when compared to tradesman insurance available from many other online insurers.
It could take one small mishap to jeopardize a decorator, electrician, plumber or builder's ability to earn an income. Tradesman Insurance protects tradesmen in such situations, providing a comprehensive standard policy suitable for the vast majority of businesses here in the UK. 
Clicking on the box below will display a simple form. Answer the questions and Quotezone will retrieve quotes from  a number of UK insurance companies offering tradesman insurnace policies. Choose the one that best suits your needs and pay online, it's a simple process which means that your tradesman insurance can be set up and operational in a matter of minutes.
Obviously, as with any type of insurance, you should go through the price checking process each and every year. Insurers will offer their cheapest rates for new clients, then increase those rates when it's time for the policy to be renewed, hoping that the client will take the easy way out and renew the policy rather than checking prices again...but we all know that don't we.

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