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Student insurance is a must if you're living in digs, a flat, shared accommodation or a hall of residence. Your personal possessions stand a very real chance of being stolen or destroyed. Can you afford to replace them? The cost of insurance is extremely small if you compare it to the replacement cost should the unexpected happen.


Endsleigh Insurance
Student contents insurance from Endsleigh can be tailored to cover all the items that you take to university. Build a policy that insures just one item, or a policy that covers your bike, laptop, iPod, camera, DVDs and much more.

• Get laptop cover and insure the rest of your room from just £8

• Cover your mobile for just £3.33 per month

• Cover your bike at university from just £30 a year

• Endsleigh is approved by NUS

• They insure loads of students - that means big discounts

• They have been insuring students for 40 years so they know what you need

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