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Home Insurance - Making A Claim

In this section, we will look at the following aspects of the claims process. Much will depend upon your insurance provider and procedures will vary from one insurer to another.

Equally, not all insurance claims staff will agree with the information I have provided here.

However, it is a useful general guide to the steps involved and it should help you move your claim along swiftly to a conclusion that is satisfactory for you.

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This information is based on the assumption that you are claiming from a direct insurer. For cover provided via a broker, you will have a similar experience but brokers will be able to guide you through the process.

These are the areas we will look at:

Emergency Assistance Services
Causes of losses
Claims Forms (or lack of them)
Replacements (New for Old)
Repairs and Contractors



"While proceeding through 'Monkey Jungle', the vehicle was enveloped
by small fat brown grinning monkeys. Number three fat brown monkey
(with buck teeth) proceeded to swing in an anticlockwise direction on
the radio aerial. Repeated requests to desist were ignored.
Approximately 2 minutes and 43 seconds later, small fat brown monkey
disappeared in 'Monkey Jungle' clutching radio aerial."
Extracts taken from actual claim forms submitted to
a number of UK car insurance companies